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Policies and Procedures

Category Document/Form Description Last Updated
Budget TCNJ Budget & Mandatory Fees Allocates budgetary resources. 10/1/2021
Capital Assets Capitalization & Depreciation Policy Ensure The College of New Jersey’s and its affiliates’ (Trenton State College Corporation and The College of New Jersey Foundation, Inc.), collectively referred to as the College, capital assets are capitalized and depreciated in a consistent matter and in accordance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and other applicable government regulations. 3/23/2022
Grants Allowable Costs Describes allowable costs and their
application to grant project budgets.
Grants Compensation Explains how salaries are to be charged to sponsored projects. 8/1/2021
Grants Cost Sharing Provides guidance on designating cost share to a sponsored project. 8/1/2021
Grants Direct Charging Defines how costs at TCNJ should be charged to sponsored projects. 8/1/2021
Grants Effort Verification Outlines the process by which effort is tracked and documented on sponsored projects. 8/1/2021
Grants Grants Procurement Describes the process used by the College to ensure that goods and services charged, or cost shared to sponsored awards are reasonable, competitively procured, and in compliance with federal and State of New Jersey purchasing requirements. 8/1/2021
Grants Subrecipient Monitoring Outlines institutional responsibilities to ensure subrecipients comply with Federal laws and regulations and with the provisions of any agreements that govern the subaward. 8/1/2021
Procurement Entertainment Policy Procurement guidelines regarding Entertainment, Meals and Refreshments
Procurement/Travel Cards Procurement Card Policy To provide structure, limits and accountability in the use of a Procurement Card. 6/3/2020
Procurement/Travel Cards Procurement Card Guidelines Allowable & Prohibited purchases made with Procurement Cards. 6/3/2020
Student Accounts Student Fees Policy & Procedures Defines fee categories and establishes authority, responsibility, and accountability for all student fees.
Travel Faculty/Staff Travel Policy Addresses travel authorization and allowable expenditures for travel on College business and applies to all College employees and other individuals authorized to travel on behalf of the College. 7/10/2018
Travel Student Travel Policy Establish definitions, guidelines, and procedures that will help to promote safe travel. 5/9/2019
Treasury Debt Management Policy Formalizes the link between the College’s
strategic planning process and the issuance and management of debt.
Treasury Interest Rate Swap Policy Govern the use by The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) of interest rate swap transactions for the purpose of either reducing the cost of existing or planned tax exempt debt, or to hedge the interest rate of existing or planned tax exempt debt. 2/18/2020
Treasury Investment Policy Governs the investment of the College's cash balances. 4/26/2016
Treasury Reserves Policy Ensure the financial sustainability of the mission, programs, and ongoing operations of
Treasury Cash Handling Procedures Establish and maintain effective procedures for
short-and-long-term cash management activities and to designate appropriate staff members to execute such procedures.