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About Us

The Office of Finance & Business Services provides timely and valuable financial information and services to students, faculty, staff and various external constituencies. The Office is organized along five major areas of responsibility and assistance:

Accounts Payable (“AP”) is the department responsible for disbursing non-payroll payments to students and employees. Non-payroll disbursements consist of student refunds, travel reimbursements, etc. Accounts Payable is also responsible for processing and paying vendor invoices in a timely and efficient manner. Since accurate and punctual payments are critical to maintaining excellent vendor relationships and protecting the College’s credit rating, it is imperative that invoices are thoroughly reviewed and approved by the department making the purchase, and submitted to AP for payment in a timely fashion.

For assistance, please contact Sharmaine Stevenson

Purchasing is the department responsible for facilitating the procurement of goods and services for the College community, ensuring that all purchases are in compliance with the College’s purchasing guidelines, as well as those set forth by the State of New Jersey. Additionally, the Purchasing Department creates official purchase orders, issues departmental purchasing cards (“P” cards), records all travel requests, issues Travel (“T”) numbers, and assists employees with travel reimbursements.

For assistance, please contact Anup Kapur

Budgeting is responsible for entering and monitoring the College’s operating budget, and evaluating budgetary performance. Budgeting also offers campus-wide training in the College’s budgetary policies and procedures.

For assistance, please contact Dana Van Nostrand

General Accounting and Financial Reporting is the department responsible for financial compliance reporting to various governmental and regulatory agencies. General Accounting prepares the College’s annual financial statements, maintains the College’s financial accounting system (“PeopleSoft”) and coordinates the input of financial data from various sub-systems. This department also manages security for access to the financial accounting system, and to the system’s series of “web reports,” which provide the campus community with the ability to monitor and view actual departmental budget activity.

For assistance, please contact Dana Van Nostrand

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